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Do you need someone to assist you in setting up an employee wellbeing programme or assist you in developing a strategic approach to diversity or workforce planning and development?

We will work in partnership with you to ensure that your development initiatives are successful over the longer term.
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Consultancy projects vary according to the needs of the client and can be anything from half a day up to a year in duration. The focus of the project may be in the area of learning and development (e.g. development of an L&D strategy; evaluation of the impact of L&D; Investors in People); in the area of Human Resources (e.g. development of a wellbeing programme; employee engagement; diversity interventions); in the area of Organisational Development (e.g. staff surveys; competency frameworks; core values; culture change).

The consultant will undertake an initial diagnostic with the client to help them clarify their intended outcomes for the project and will also help them to scope out their specific requirements identifying any key milestones that need to be met along the way. 'Success criteria' for the project will be identified at the outset and, where appropriate, a stakeholder analysis and communications plan will be developed.

The intention with any consultancy project is to work in close collaboration with the client and to ensure that they are equipped with the skills and expertise to continue the work once the consultants have left the organisation.

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"Extremely innovative approach...focusing on the business made all the difference between sustainability and failure! Because we were able to address so many of our strategic agendas within the one programme, managers did not feel overwhelmed and were, as a consequence, hugely supportive of the changes."

ND, Executive Director.
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