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Do you need someone to facilitate a visioning workshop, team event, or design a bespoke training event just for you? Our experienced and qualified facilitators can design and run a wide range of sessions aimed at meeting your specific business challenges.

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Facilitation describes the process of assisting a group to solve a problem, complete a task, or reach a mutually acceptable agreement in a specific area. The role of the facilitator is to provide a framework for this process working in a fair, open and inclusive manner to help the group achieve its objectives.

Organisations seek external facilitation for many reasons. For example a manager may bring in a facilitator for a team event so that they can fully participate in the session along with their team members. A facilitator may also be required to chair a meeting, run a workshop or lead a staff or community engagement event.

The duration of the session will be entirely dependant upon its purpose. So, for example, facilitation of a meeting may only require an hour or two's input, whereas facilitation of a programme of staff engagement may take place over a period of days, weeks or even months.

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"I didn't think that I would be able to say how I really felt, but the facilitator created such a safe space for us that it just flowed! I love my job - but things had got so bad, that I was on the verge of leaving...I now feel so positive again and really look forward to going to work each day."

TG, Team Leader

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