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Organisational Development (OD)

Do you want to take your organisation to a higher level of performance? We offer a wide range of OD interventions that will assist your organisation in meeting its strategic objectives: from the development of your leadership capacity to the creation and implementation of your performance management frameworks.

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Organisational Development (or 'OD') is a planned, 'whole system' intervention aimed at increasing an organisation's effectiveness and viability. OD is a complex educational strategy that seeks to transform the beliefs, attitudes, values, and structure of organisations so that they can better adapt to change and reach a higher level of performance.

OD utilises structured activities that are designed to improve individual and organisational performance. These may be part of an improvement program, or used by the client following a program to check on the state of the organisation's health. OD interventions may be used as part of an organisation-wide culture change programme, or as part of leadership development, team building, coaching and mentoring, large group interventions, competency development, performance appraisal, or organisational restructuring.

Structured activities may include experiential exercises, questionnaires, attitude surveys, interviews, workshops or group discussions and may utilise a wide range of OD techniques such as 'Appreciative Enquiry' or 'Action Research'.

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"At first, I was a bit sceptical about the introduction of a competency framework and saw it just as another HR initiative. However, we were involved at every step of the way, and it was made really clear from the outset what was in it for us! The fact that the competencies were integrated into our induction, appraisal and service plans meant that we could really make an impact upon culture change."

HL, Divisional Director.
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