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Case Studies
Find out more about our work and read some of the practical Case Studies we have been working on.

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Hot Topics Blog
Why not follow us by visiting our Hot Topics Blog? We debate current themes such as diversity and wellbeing and discuss how we can make an impact in the workplace.

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TransformEd Resources
The links below provide additional information about the TransformEd
Project and other work taking place in education that may be of interest to you. Please do feel free to contact us with examples of other great work taking place, so that we can share these with our readers!

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TransformEd Project Biographies
Learn about some of the people behind the TransformEd Project.

The Leap Frog Revolution Conceptual Document
Essential reading for all those who care about the future of life on this planet and why it's important that we radically change how we work with young people.

Picture This.... 12 December 2012
A (fantasy!) interview with a youth organisation that scooped the prestigious Save the Planet award...

Over the last two decades a gulf has opened up between what education systems provide and what children need. More than ever, young people need social and emotional skills such as how to think creatively, how to collaborate and how to empathise.

Transforming Britain's Schools
The Conservatives' plans to change Britain's deeply flawed education system may be the most interesting idea...

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Neuro Linguistic Programming Resources
Click the links below to download Neuro Linguistic Programming resources.

NLP Explained
NLP explained in a 16 page excerpt.

The New Code of Neuro Linguistic Programming: A Paradigm shift in NLP
Informative article on NLP by Chris Collingwood.

Deep Structure
Surface and Deep Structures - An Integral Interpretation. An article by Surinder Deol that explores the relationship between structure and NLP.

Mirror Neurons
An essay that examines the mirror effect and its relationship with empathy.

Mirror Neurons and Autism
An article that explores how mirror neurons plays a part in imitation in people with autism.