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The TransformEd Project

Coaching is "unlocking a person's potential to maximise their own performance. It is helping them to learn rather than teaching them"
- Sir John Whitmore

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The TransformEd Project was established by Sir John Whitmore borne out of his desire to help transform the learning experience of young people, through the creation of a dynamic coaching culture in schools. The project team is now led by Quinn Simpson, youth life coach, assisted by a small management team and there is a growing network of TransformEd members throughout the UK.

The project team's mission is to enhance the existing learning environment in Britain by implementing coaching programmes in educational institutions and assisting them in successfully achieving their goals.

The TransformEd project team consists of a group of coaching and education experts, who are passionate about supporting the success of Britain's young people.
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How does coaching work?

The coaching principle: all individuals have the ability and resources to achieve desired results. Coaches engage active listening, effective questioning and observational feedback to help individuals and groups clarify their goals and visions. Fundamentally coaching encourages people to take action and overcome obstacles.

In the school environment, coaching assists children to take responsibility for their learning. It also provides the time and space for self-reflection, often resulting in those 'Aha! Moments' or enlightenment - suddenly they will feel and see things differently -opportunities become possible that seemed impossible.

Coaching works with adults, young people and children alike. We all know that when we learn something in our own unique way that the knowledge sticks and becomes an exciting process of discovery. However, what we need is someone to support and challenge our thinking - this is the role of a coach. The power of a coaching partnership is endless.
Establish a rich learning environment for each student by raising their awareness and enabling them to take responsibility for their own learning and behaviour.
What is The Design for Change School Contest?
Competition Timeline
Coaching can:
The competition is designed to be flexible and 'teacher friendly' - allowing participating schools and groups to
design their own project, in their own way, to fit with school terms, holidays, and other curriculum demands.
Monday 12th July 2010

Official launch event for Headteachers of UK Primary & Secondary Schools to meet Kiran Bir Sethi

Monday 29th November 2010

Deadline for the Submission form and documentation of your project

Friday, 15th December 2010
Notification of Awards

Friday, 14th January 2011
Awards Ceremony in London

For further information, visit: http://www.designforchangeuk.org/

Design for Change is an innovative and exciting competition for young people that might just change the world!

Young people who enter are asked to design a solution to a problem in their community and make it happen. Each individual change builds momentum and energy behind significant positive change driven by our young people.

The competition originated in India where it has had a massive impact. In July 2010, the inspiration behind the competition, Kiran Bir Sethi, came to the UK to launch it here. Design for Change is not just a competition; it will become an inspiring and empowering community that will help young people believe that they matter and they can make a difference.

Participants are given a simple task: design a solution to a problem in your community and make it happen!

The purpose of the project is to:
Enable head teachers and teaching staff to develop and communicate a vision that will inspire, empower and engage the school community.
Encourage teachers and other school staff to engage students in new and exciting ways to develop their potential.
Support the implementation of the new primary national curriculum into classrooms.
Engage with parents and families, providing them with the tools to support their children in experiencing the wonder and excitement of learning.
Provide choice, opportunity and possibility for students, teachers, parents, families, communities and businesses.
Help people believe that they matter.
Help them discover that change can happen and that they can become drivers of it.
Help them to believe, "I Can!"
By developing a richer learning environment that fits young people's exclusive needs, the aim is to enhance and develop the existing system.

Education has the opportunity to transform Britain and build our future. In the last twenty years, there have been some significant shifts in terms of curriculum, community and campus (the physical learning environment) but TransformEd aims to take it one step further. As a Community Interest Company, TransformEd will provide educators across the UK with inspiration through annual events and conferences, motivation through its coaching and education experts and resource tools through its online network.

Leading up to September 2011 and beyond, TransformEd will support the implementation of the new national curriculum for primary schools by integrating coaching into the sphere of education and providing an accessible group of experts who will work closely with schools to facilitate its application.

The TransformEd vision for the next ten years is to inspire head teachers and schools across Britain to make the changes required from within by giving them the necessary tools to achieve this. All the coaching programmes offered will be quality assured by TransformEd's own professional standards. By 2020, the aim is to be effectively delivering a wide range of individual programmes into individual institutions and continuing to nurture strong and mutually beneficial relationships between educational institutions and coaching programmes.